Training in Hospitality – Case Studies and Exercises


Höfundur: Margrét Reynisdóttir & Sigrún Jóhannesdóttir

Reading, interpreting and analysing real cases is a well-tried and effective training technique for all types of training and educational purposes.


Case studies have long been used in training in business schools, medical schools and the social sciences. They can be used in any discipline when trainers want participants to explore how what they have learned applies to real-world situations. Case studies develop effective management and decision-making skills, enhance team spirit, better communication, and interpersonal skills, and strengthen the analytical skills of participants.

• Encourage emotional response and empathy.
• Put problems and opportunities in a holistic context.
• Make verbalising and acting out events easier and evaluate the consequences.
• Encourage to analyse and appreciate a variety of viewpoints etc.

ISBN: 978-9935-9459-8-3 e-book
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