Master Tourist´s cultural diversity online and online seminar

Master Cultural Differences

Höfundur: Margrét Reynisdóttir

A guide to exceeding service expectations due to cultural differences.


Communication in an international environment is much more than the words you say.  In this course, we explain the difference between nations that tend to be logical and concerned with the individual, focusing on the words spoken in comparison with cultures that understand more through non-verbal cues such as gestures and facial expressions and harmonizing relationships. Also, the more emotional cultures and restrained, the ones used to negative feedback and those that don´t usually confront others. Remember that culture is dynamic and that every individual within a culture is unique and may not conform exactly to the general characteristics of that culture.

  • Recognize your own communication style and how it might be perceived by other nationalities.
  • Explain certain cultural features that Icelanders find quite normal but other nationalities may see as being peculiar.
  • Increase cultural awareness.
  • Develop communication skills.

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