Effective communication for waiters – New

Höfundur: Margrét Reynisdóttir

Do you want to learn how to communicate effectively with guests?


Customer service is critical to hospitality, especially in the restaurant environment. While guests may come for the food, there’s no doubt that they return for the service. It does not matter: whether it’s a restaurant, café, fast food outlet or cafe, the quality of service your customers receive will have a significant impact on whether they prove to be repeat guests or one-time visitors. In this training video*, we introduce effective ways of communication and good practice in restaurants from the time guests enter the restaurant to when they leave.


  • Learn do´s &  don’ts in effective communication.
  • Understand how the right sales techniques can enhance the guest experience.
  • Learn strategies for dealing with difficult customers.
  • Increase a sense of security at work, and job satisfaction and reduce employee turnover.

To order a course and/ or buy the training video* for your own in-house training, please contact us: gerumbetur@gerumbetur.is or 8998264

*Review from one of our most experienced teachers in Iceland: Comes out great, addressing so many aspects that come up during serving guests & interactions.  Overall clear and spot on in certain aspects.  Well done! Hallgrímur Sæmundsson, teacher at MK

*In-house training if you buy the training video: When discussing procedures, standards, manuals etc. the training for each chapter can last at least one hour.

The training video includes 11 independent chapters:

1. You are the face of the restaurant
2. Extend a warm welcome to guests
4. The first order to fill is the drink order
5. Never say “I don´t know”
6. How to pour wine
8. There should never be an empty glass in front of a guest
9. Offer guests the dessert menu and/or coffee
10. Dealing with a failed payment
11. Bid guests a friendly farewell