Do´s & don´ts when welcoming foreign guests – Aðeins í forsölu


Höfundur: Margrét Reynisdóttir

The only book about welcoming foreign guests


In this book, you will gain valuable insights on how to create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests that will, in turn, enrich your professional growth. Knowing how to address guests from a different culture or being mindful of dietary requirements or habits, every effort you make contributes to a memorable experience. After all, the magic is always in the small details that matter. The rewards include a positive brand image and increased revenues. It’s a win-win!

“This is a guide for the service sector on how to communicate appropriately with foreign guests, anticipate their needs and avoid misunderstandings.” Jóhannes Þór Skúlason, CEO, The Icelandic Travel Industry Association (SAF).

“In a frank and impartial manner, Margrét Reynisdóttir opens our eyes and gives us a new and powerful mindset. It was a joy to read this book.” Sigríður Snævarr has served as Iceland’s ambassador to Sweden, France, Italy, Spain and several other countries.”

“The book has a specially designed font for dyslexic readers, which is a thoughtful initiative that is greatly appreciated!” Snævar Ívarsson, CEO, The Icelandic Dyslexia Association.

“Explore each culture’s uniqueness with this accessible book.” Steinþór Jónsson, Owner and Hotel Manager, Hótel Keflavík

“We are excited about this book, as we saw how Margrét’s Reynisdóttir first book changed our awareness and understanding, provided better customer service, and helped us become better employees. As the saying goes, “Know better, serve better and therefore feel better.” Ingi Heiðar Bergþórsson, Fleet Director, Human Resources and Operations HERTZ


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ISBN 978-9935-9573-9-9
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