Difficult customer online or onsite course

Difficult customers


Höfundur: Margrét Reynisdóttir

Would like to learn the tricks to tackle difficult customers?

This online interactive course on dealing with difficult and/or angry customers is aimed at anyone working in the service industry  – from the manager through to the frontline. Many of us have to deal with angry or unhappy clients as part of our roles, and it’s never easy. This online course can help you to get through these challenging situations with grace and professionalism. 


  • Learn strategies for dealing with difficult customers.
  • Know what to say and, more importantly, how to say it. 
  • Understand the power of active listening, empathy, and speaking assertively.
  • Develop communication skills.

You will be asked 25  questions/assignments with a pass mark of 80%. The answers are marked automatically so you will instantly know whether you have passed. If you don´t answer correctly you will get a chance to correct the mistake. You can save your test results if you can´t finish all at once and would like to continue later.

Length: 1-2 hours.

Contact us for more information: gerumbetur@gerumbetur.is or +354 8998264